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Melona Beuaty Slurpee Mochi Milk Lychee


First Innovate Stemcell Powedered Drink Contains 5 Stemcell Potent Ingredients. It includes Avaion Botanical Young Orchid Stemcell, Botanical Young Apple Heirloom Stemcell, Botanical Young Grapes Stemcell, Avaion Botanical Young Goji Berry Stemcell, and last Crystal White Tomato Stemcell. This is the Answer for any root cause of all skin problem. For Avaion, Orcid Stemcell Fights the root cause of all skin problem: damaged skin cells. Repair, Replenish, Rejuvenate, and Rehydrate with the ultimate skin care active ingredients. Orcid Stem cells can restore degenerate tissue and muscle, helping repair and renew skin cell so they can lock in necessary collagen and nutrients for our skin. Reseachers found that orchid stem cells have a superior anti-aging effect on human skin having powerful antioxidants with strong-anti inflamatory properties. In addtion, we have 4 more stemcells in this product making it the ULTIMATE YOUTH REVITALIZER that is Most effective on All skin types!


Benefits Includes Helps plump the appearance of skin. Plumper skin looks healthier, maintains better tone and color, and holds hydration for longer periods throughout the day. Helps skin appear taut and firm. Reduce the appearance of wrinkles, dark spots, and large pores, Laugh lines, crow’s feet, and large pores can all be reduced with variety of stem cell and extract, Helps promote the look of even – toned skin. Discoloration ang hyperpigmentation can be common issues in sun-damaged skin, as well as aged or damaged skin.


Suggested Use Take 1-2 sachet per day , dissolved cold water and enjoy the best drink.

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